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Article: Psyllium for healthy digestion

Psyllium für Gesunde Verdauung

Psyllium for healthy digestion

If you, as a gay man, attach great importance to wellness and care, you should also keep an eye on your digestion. A balanced diet alone is sometimes not enough to avoid digestive problems. This is where psyllium can be of great help. As a natural fiber, it supports healthy digestion and can help with constipation or loose stools.

The secret of psyllium lies in its ability to absorb liquid and form a gel-like consistency in the intestines. This binds the stool and makes emptying easier. So psyllium is suitable for both problems - constipation and loose stools.

But psyllium has other positive effects. It lowers cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar levels and supports healthy intestinal flora. And best of all: Psyllium is gluten-free and therefore also suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

At Lab46 we are convinced of the benefits of psyllium and therefore include it in our Get Ready Drops. In combination with active amino acids and our Bio Power complex of 8 plant extracts, the Get Ready Drops have a holistic effect and support you in a self-determined life.

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